Below is a listing of the HCC Board and affiliates for the 2023/2024 Club Year:

Term year is July1- June 30. Officers are elected annually.*  Directors serve 2 year terms.
If you are interested in serving, contact the Past President/Chair of the Nominating Committee.



President Tom Broge, AB '75, HBS '80

1st Vice President Jazmyne T. Reid, AB'15

2nd Vice President Edward Horgan, AB  '14

Secretary Sean Pollock, AM ‘96 PhD ‘06

Treasurer and Membership Dr. Shalini Gupta, MD '96
Past President and Chair, Nominating Committee

Communications Director Kate Molinsky, AB '89

Gillian Sella, AB '87
Dr. Robert Sorscher, AB '83
Elise Foster, EDM '06

David M. Rogers, AB '93
Suzanne Boyce, AB '77
Nicholas Picarsic, AB '03

James Smith, HLS '14

Ja' Saint-Tulias, MBA '22

Dr. Marcus Lehman, AB '01


Appointed Positions
Daniel B. Cunningham, HBS OPM '99, Fellow '13, KSG '16


Daniel Hoffheimer, AB '73



Co-Chairs, Schools Committee
  Elise Foster, EDM '06
 Valerie Bogdan-Powers, AB '89,

Chair, Book Awards and Scholarship Committee
  Sarah Raup Johnson MBA '79

President, Harvard Business School Alumni
Tom Broge, AB '75, HBS '80,

President, Harvard Law School Association
  Lauren Kuley,

Chair, Cincy Ivy Club (for recent graduates)
  Cincy Ivy Social Committee <>

Chair, Book Club
  OPEN--contact Tom Broge if you are interested in resurrecting Book Club


*There is a presumed progression from 2nd VP to 1st VP to President to Past President, with advancement depending on satisfactory job performance as judged by the body of the Board and based upon duties enumerated in the by-laws..