john-adamsHarvard Around Town--John Adams

May 20, Conducting his "El Nino" for one performance only. 
Music Hall in Over-the-Rhine

NOTE: Drinks after had to be cancelled.
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Forty years ago, American composer John Adams '69, A.M. '72, was conductor of the undergraduate Bach Society Orchestra. Today he is among the most performed composers of contemporary classical music, particularly operas often centered around recent historical events.

Adams's music is built around patterns that recur, imperceptibly shift into new directions, gather up the past, and move into the future over an ever-richer harmonic basis.  He says, “…inspiration comes from trying to connect with an audience. Music is fundamentally the art of feeling… Some composers work towards an international style that transcends its national identity. I am drawn towards what is local and site-specific about art."
(From Richard Dyer, Harvard Magazine and wikipedia)

John Adams is coming to Cincinnati to conduct his “El Nino" on May 20 for the May Festival. 
He leads his Messiah for the modern age, live at Music Hall. Interweaving biblical verse with poetry by Latin American writers, El Niño considers the Nativity story from a mother’s point of view. Described as “some of the most beautiful episodes I’ve ever heard in any of his music,” (BBC Radio), Adams’ work explores, in his words, “what is meant by a miracle.” (
CSO website)


John Adams, conductor
Lauren Snouffer, soprano
Josefina Maldonado, mezzo
Elliot Madore, baritone
Daniel Bubeck, Brian Cummings and Nathan Medley, countertenors
May Festival Chorus
May Festival Youth Chorus
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra