052510_bacc_sm_273Eleven Local Students Admitted!

We had a great year in terms of admits. The overall acceptance rates for Harvard for fall 2021 is 3.4% which is way below the 5% average over the past years.  This is largely due to the surge in applicants (+43% / 57,435) due to the COVID impact of no required standardized test scores as well as an increased amount of deferrals/gap years taken. This year a total of 11 applicants were accepted from the area (7 regular and 4 early). Also there are three additional admits joining this class who deferred admittance last year. Below we have listed the schools. Please note we can’t publicize names until we get permissions (part of the registration process for our welcome event). We are excited about the numbers and the broad reach of schools.  

Anderson HS - 1

Batavia HS - 1

Carlisle HS - 1

Indian Hill HS - 1

Little Miami HS - 1

Seven Hill HS - 2

Sycamore HS - 1

St Xavier HS - 1

Walnut Hill HS - 1

William Mason HS - 1