Recording of Epidemics: Lessons from History

Presented by Frank Welsh, MD '66 MHA
Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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Public health experts had been warning us to be prepared for the next epidemic but we still felt blind-sided. We've been suffering a year of not only the COVID-19 pandemic but also a crisis of confidence about whose advice to believe.  What do we do to get out of this health emergency?
With a third vaccine newly available, Dr. Frank Welsh has jumped into the breach to help you understand epidemics historically and to answer your questions about getting vaccinated this time around.


The talk opens with definitions of what Public Health is and does, followed by excerpts from 

a Duke University event featuring Anthony Fauci and Alan Alda lamenting on the distrust of science

(5000 tuned in to their event), and the History itself,  which consists of re-telling three Public Health yarns:


                1)  Smallpox infested blankets given to Native Americans

                2)  Cholera  traced to the Broad Street Pump in London

                3)  Diphtheria  Dog sledding antitoxin to Nome AK.


 It winds up with a flourish, challenging listeners to learn from their own vaccination history
 to decide about getting the one of the three COVID 19 vaccines.