indigenous-allyshipIndigenous Peoples Case Study--Allyship Across Cultures, Countries and Continents

How the Choctaw Gift has come full circle during COVID-19
Wednesday, February 24, 3 pm EST
Navajo time 1 pm, Choctaw time 2 pm, Dublin 8 pm

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Following our successful events focusing on Anti-Racism Allyship (October) and Allyship with the LGBTQ+ community (November), this month will be a case study in Allyship focusing on Indigenous Peoples. This event will tell the incredible story of the relationship between the people of Ireland and the Indigenous Peoples of North America—especially the Choctaw, Navajo, and Hopi people. An amazing giving circle was started by a gift of $170 from the Choctaw people to the Irish during the Potato Famine in the mid 1800s. That life sustaining gift is now being paid forward by the Irish people to the Navajo and Hopi people during their special challenges in the face of COVID-19. Please read this article or watch this video to learn more.
The Harvard Clubs of Boston and Ireland in partnership with Harvard Clubs and Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) from around the globe are honored and delighted to bring the next installment of our Harvard Alumni Allyship Series.





The Navajo and Hopi relief fund profiled in this story is the creation of Harvard Alumni Association Elected Director and enrolled Navajo Tribal Member, Ethel Billie Branch, AB '01 JD/MPP '08, who will be taking part in our February allyship event.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a particularly devastating impact on the Navajo and Hopi people. According to the CDC, Americans living in rural areas like the Navajo and Hopi reservations are three times as likely to die from COVID-19 as those living in urban centers. Please watch this 3 minute video from Ethel's team - video link. (

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Ethel Billie Branch AB '01 JD/MPP '08 Elected Director Harvard Alumni Association
Alice Hill AB ‘81 PhD ‘91 Past President Harvard Alumni Association
Moana Palelei HoChing ALB ’15 President Harvard Alumni for Oceania
Emily Van Dyke AB '03 MD/MPH '09 President Native American Alumni of Harvard University and Harvard Club of Seattle Board Member
Hannah Kilgore M. Ed ’10 President Harvard Club of Ireland
Bob Manson MPA ‘04 Club & SIG Director Harvard Alumni Association  
Matthew Hegarty AB ‘82 President Harvard Club of Boston

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