In just a few days, litigation regarding Harvard admissions will go to trial. I’m sure many of you are aware of this case, but may not know what resources exist to educate yourself on Harvard’s position and the details of the lawsuit.

To start, earlier this week Harvard President Larry Bacow sent an email to all alumni clearly stating the University’s commitment to defending diversity. I would strongly encourage you to read this message, if you haven’t already. If you’re an alumni interviewer, you also received an email from Bill Fitzsimmons as a follow-up to President Bacow’s outreach.

Harvard has set up a website about the lawsuit that extensively covers all the details of the case. I would also suggest watching President Bacow’s installation speech as it outlines Harvard’s position on the importance of championing diversity. If you prefer to read his speech, you can do so here.

Our alumni have also been active around the case. The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard has done extensive and thoughtful research. The Coalition, alongside a number of other alumni and student organizations, also filed an amicus motion and brief earlier this summer.

In turn, the Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance issued its own statement on the lawsuit in August.

I imagine you may have received and may continue to receive questions about this lawsuit and the press coverage surrounding it. I very much appreciate your taking the time to review the resources available to you and to educate yourself about the case and its implications.
Philip W. Lovejoy
Executive Director
Harvard Alumni Association