Report of the Election

Slate for 2018-2019

For 2018-2019 Sean Pollock, AM ’96 and PhD ’06, currently serving as director, was nominated for 2nd Vice President for one year starting July 1, 2018. To fill his unexpired term as director through June 30, 2019 we have the honor of introducing Dean Blase, EDLD '13*, principal of Clark Montessori High School, who is interested through “the club to promote service and leadership in Cincinnati through the resources afforded to me by being an inaugural member of Harvard's Doctorate of Education Leadership program, and excited to broaden her local network to include alums from a variety of Cincinnati organizations.”
The other new director, to serve through June 30, 2020: Shalini Gupta, MD '96*, feels it “an honor and privilege to serve on the board of the Harvard Club of Cincinnati. Both I and my husband graduated from Harvard Medical School. I look forward to meeting and being in the company of other graduates in Cincinnati to help the club in any way possible!” They join current directors Dan Cunningham, Heather Quinley, Valerie Bogdan-Powers; Nelson Lees, Joseph Scanio, and Robert Sorscher.

2018-2019 Board (begins July 1, 2018)
President     Kathleen Molinsky, ’89
1st Vice President     Christopher Vuturo, '93
2nd Vice President     Sean Pollock, AM '96 PhD '06
Secretary     Kerry P. Hastings, JD ’96
Treasurer/Membership     Katherine F. Nappi, ’91
Communications     Marcy Taylor Heaton, ’84
Past President     Gillian Benet Sella, ’87
Directors thru 6-30-19:
Dean Blase, EDLD '13
Nelson Lees, PMD '82 MPA '05
Joseph J. Scanio, ’63
Robert Sorscher, ’83
Directors thru 6-30-20:
Valerie Bogdan-Powers, ’89
Daniel B. Cunningham, OPM ’99, Fellow ’13, MPA ’16
Shalini Gupta, MD '96
Heather Quinley, MPP ’00

Thank you to everyone for being willing to serve!
Thank you to our Nominating Committee for putting together a great slate:  Couper Gardiner, Bert Baker, Vada Hill, Kayla Springer, and Rick Vogel.