othello-heroHarvard at Othello

Experience the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in its outstanding new theater!

Thursday, March 8 at 7:30 pm

Tickets are $46 total (discounted from regular $52 plus fees)

NEW--No deadline on discount deal, just tell the box office you are with the Harvard Club.  You may be seated away from the main group.
To purchase tickets at this special price, call the box office: 513-381-2273.
All Harvard affiliates and our Ivy and Seven Sisters friends are invited.
Optional: Dinner at The Symphony Hotel before the show (more below).
Open to our Ivy and Seven Sisters friends


Cincinnati Shakespeare has been reborn in a new space. A marvel of design and clever engineering, The Otto M. Budig Theater will envelope you in the world of the play. With only 6 rows(!), all seats are less than 20 feet from the thrust stage. That’s closer to the performance than any other venue in the region. From this unique vantage point, you will experience the passion and power of Othello as never before.  Come share the evening with us.


You are invited to gather before the show at The Symphony Hotel, 210 W. 14th Street.  In a restored mansion, this boutique hotel and restaurant is known for exquisite pre-concert dining. The March menu will be posted on their website at the beginning of February.  You can choose a 3-course ($36) or 5-course ($45) meal, or come hang out at the bar for appetizers.  We expect a convivial gathering! Please let Robert know if you wish to attend.


Jealousy kills.

Although a Moor and an outsider in Venice, Othello’s military prowess has earned him the respect of many—and the seething animosity of one. Othello’s long-time underling Iago is resentful of the Moor’s success, and when Othello elopes with a Venetian’s daughter, Iago sets in motion a devious plot to exact revenge. With an insinuation here, a whisper there, and the duplicitous deployment of a purloined handkerchief, he masterfully plays on the virtues and vulnerabilities of those around him, weaving with Machiavellian glee “the net that shall enmesh them all.”                                                          --Directed by Christopher V. Edwards

Note: After February 23, you can still get tickets but they will not have a discount.


7:30PM - 9:30PM Thu 8 Mar 2018, Eastern timezone


Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
1195 Elm Street
Cincinnati, OH

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