Harvard Serves at Camp Washington Urban Farm

Harvard Serves is part of the HAA Global Month of Service in April when all alumni are encouraged to give back to their communities.

Join us on Saturday, April 25, to help with spring chores at the Camp Washington Urban Farm. The donkeys will be happy to greet you! All ages are welcome to come out and get some exercise while doing good!  The CW Urban Farm is an ambitious project initiated by Camp Washington in 2014 to reclaim the site of the old Cincinnati Workhouse.  Bounded by Valley Park, River City Correctional Center, Monmouth Bridge and I-75, the Farm seeks to engage residents in providing fresh, healthy food for the community.  The first harvest of bok choy and winter greens came in last fall.

Two Cincinnati icons, Camp Washington Chili and the American Sign Museum, are just a few blocks away if you want to make a day of it.

Please RSVP to Marcy via her email, marcytaylor@post.harvard.edu.
For navigation assistance or weather questions, call her cell 513-518-7363.

Gear: work clothes, gloves, sun hat, water bottle

Directions: The CW Urban Farm is between Monmouth Street on the left and River City Correctional Facility on the right (facing east).  Come in driving west on Hopple St.  Turn right onto Colerain Ave. Turn right onto Monmouth. Turn right at the next small street, Workhouse Dr. and park.  --If you cross over I-75 on Monmouth, turn around and come back. --